Gary Klein: Not Listening to the Fish

The start of my B.A.S.S. Elite Series season hasn’t been what I’d hope for. I’ve had one decent tournament and three below-par events, but it’s a long season.

We’ve got eight tournaments, and we’ve only finished four, so it’s a long way from being over. A person could turn it around with four strong events.

I’ve definitely been a little off track so far. I think one thing that’s happened to me is that I end up with so much knowledge about some of these bodies of water, and I believe I know how you’re supposed to win. In my case, I have a good knowledge of what has worked in the past, and I’m relying too much on that knowledge.

Right now, I’m not listening to the fish. Regardless of the history of a place, you’ve got to fish current conditions. You have to react to what’s taking place at the moment.

Although my results so far aren’t showing it, I learned in Major League Fishing the value of making decisions quick. Whether you continue or change, you have to decide and be conscious of the time clock.

Like I said, there’s time to turn this around.

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