Greg Hackney: More Efficient

I’m pleased with my (B.A.S.S. Elite Series) season. I’d say I’m having a really good season; not a great season, but certainly a good one. I’ve pretty much got the Classic made. Now I want to earn my way into the post-season.

I’m also really looking forward to the next Major League Fishing event. I’ll have to do some things differently this time, and the biggest thing I would do different is downsize. I tend to fish the way I would a regular tournament. I have that five-fish mentality that we take into our other tournaments. But I’m going to downsize and be ready to do what I have to do to catch a lot of fish.

I studied all of the Major League Fishing rounds (from the Challenge Cup on Lake Amistad). I watched every episode. And it was all about catching as many two pounders as you could. I think certain locations and regions we go to won’t be about numbers, but I feel like about 70 percent of the time it will be about catching a lot of fish. In our first event, the jerkbait dominated. Definitely a numbers deal.

I really enjoyed watching all the episodes, because without a doubt, there’s no way to learn better how to catch a fish than to watch guys actually catching them. There was a lot of information, but there was also a ton of fishing.

One thing I’ll definitely do different on our next one is I’m going to ride the whole area. We only had 15 minutes to look around, and I was in such a hurry last time to get fishing that I never really found my spots. This time, I don’t care if I use some time into the first period, I’m going to cover the entire fishing area before I start.

I’m also going to try to not let the scoreboard bother me. I didn’t think it would bother me the first time, because usually nothing rattles me. But I’d have to say the scoreboard and the constant updates got to me. It was not so much in the beginning, but at the end. I mean, when you’re out there and they’re crushing them and you’re not, you don’t necessarily want to hear what’s going on.

The bottom line is that Major League Fishing makes you more efficient. It made me use my time more wisely this year. In fact, I was more efficient this year than I have been in my whole career.

What’s really going to be tough is that the next Major League Fishing event is going to be better than the first one. Our bunch is the best on the planet, and we’re going to get even better. Everybody learned something the first time.

It’s hard to say what the next one will be like. We don’t know where it’s going to be, but we at least know it’s somewhere in the Northeast. That tells me there might be a different species of black bass. There’s better than 75 percent chance that smallmouth will dominate. So we’ll see what happens.