Takahiro Omori: Last-Minute Charge

Major League Fishing angler Takahiro Omori is a former Bassmaster Classic champion and five-time B.A.S.S. tournament winner. In 2012, Omori engineered, literally, a last-minute dash to earn another spot in the Classic field. Fishing at Lake Oneida in the last Elite Series event of the season, Omori needed a top 20-finish to qualify for the 2013 Classic. On Day 2, he was mere minutes away from not making the tournament cut when he caught a small keeper that earned him 49th place and a chance to fish another day. On Saturday, Omori caught a monster bag to move into 10th place, securing in the process his Classic berth. He finished fourth in the tournament. In this blog, Omori talks about that day and offer a few hints about his experience fishing at Chautauqua Lake in the second Major League Fishing event.

Yes, that comeback at Oneida was good. I liked that a lot … was exciting.

I was almost out of the Classic, and I really wanted to make it. It’s always a good year when you make the Classic.

On the second day, it seemed like I was out of it. I was nervous. There were only a few minutes left, and I just hadn’t been getting the bites. I was going after big bites, but I wasn’t getting anything. It was tough conditions, and I was just trying to catch one small one.

Then I caught that one fish. I needed it, but I still had to make up a lot of places.

The next day I got the big bite and had big bags the last two days. I had a 5-pound, 6-ounce fish on Saturday. I made the Classic on Saturday, so I wasn’t nervous on Sunday. I moved up in the standings, but it really didn’t matter that day.

So it felt good coming to Chautauqua right after that. It felt a little better fishing Major League Fishing this time. I was more familiar with the format. I had a little more understanding what to do.

But just because I was more familiar, it didn’t make it any easier. Because you still have to beat these guys, and that’s tough.

And it’s the toughest format I’ve ever had to fish. It’s just hard, but I like it a lot. It’s very interesting to know every second what other people are doing. In other tournaments you just wonder.

You can’t always see everybody else when you’re fishing, even though the zones here were small and we were fishing on top of each other a lot.

But just to know when they get a catch is interesting. It’s a lot of pressure.

I like that we go to the lakes without practice. It’s the way I had to fish when I first started here. I didn’t communicate as well then, so it was hard to get any help.

This is like that and I like it.

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