Jason Quinn: Pressure Fishing

Jason Quinn recently secured his sixth Bassmaster Classic berth with a Top 10 finish at the B.A.S.S. Elite Series finale at Oneida Lake in New York.

I feel good where I’m at. I’m coming off a good Elite Series season, and I made the Bassmaster Classic, which is one of the main goals we all have every season.

I’m happy to have made it, because I had to do some pressure fishing at Oneida. Going in, I felt like I needed a good finish to jump up there and make the Classic, and fortunately I got it done.

What was a little strange about that final event is that I had a good practice, but once we started the event everything changed. I only had six or seven bites all day, pretty much every day, but I was fortunate enough to land the bites I got. So, yes, that was definitely pressure fishing.

This will be my sixth Classic. I plan on pre-fishing Grand Lake before the Classic. But the problem with that is you never know what’s going to happen in February. The conditions might be a lot different than they are when you pre-fish, so you just don’t know what February is going to bring.

Other than that, I’m just real excited about the next Major League Fishing event coming up. The first two events have been great, but they’ve been really different.

In our first event, we were at one of the big fish capitals of the world, and we could move around a lot. At our second event, Chautauqua, the zones were a lot different, so we had to approach it a different way. But I like that we’re not doing the same thing.

It was also different because we had been through the format one time already, so I think we were all a little more comfortable. But with that field we have, it's pressure fishing, too.