Greg Hackney: The Purest Form of the Sport

It’s Major League Fishing, and I’m ready to go. This is the purest form of the sport I’ve even seen. It’s like football and baseball. You’ll always know the score.

We’ll show up, pull up our pants and get it on.

I’m a big UFC fan. People like to see athletes go head to head. In the past, we’ve done a poor job of getting the action of pro bass fishing out to the public. We’ve got boat racing, we’ve got action, we’ve got characters. Once people see this, they will like it.

I’ll be honest, Major League Fishing has assembled the best anglers in the business. They have no equals. This is the cream of the crop. These are the guys that teach the rest of the world how to fish. You won’t be able to throw this bunch on a bad body of water. Every tournament trail has some of these guys. We’ve assembled all of them.

Words can’t describe what we’ve got going on here. I hope people watch it just one time. It will be addictive.