Skeet Reese: We Are All Rookies

Major League Fishing is a new frontier.  The existing format has been around for years and this will take it to a new level.  I hope Major League Fishing brings a whole set of fans to the sport of bass fishing.  The two major circuits will also benefit from this.

Showing up to a body of water that you might not have ever been to before is very cool.  You might not even know what it looks like. The biggest change that I like is the no bag limit. That alone with no 5-fish limit is huge.

There’s no way you can go into this event with a set strategy.  We will have to start with one and adjust on the fly. The real-time leader board is going to change the sport, but I don’t know how it will affect the anglers.  At least we will know where we rank in the standings at all times.

Having a cutline in some periods is going to be interesting. Someone might get to the cutline really quick while others might struggle. Everything about this is new and uncharted territory.

This group is the most hardcore dudes there are.  But, under this new format, we are all rookies.

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