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Technique strength: Being versatile, having the ability to fish light and heavy line.

Technique weakness: I don’t feel like I have weakness. However, I don’t like using a Carolina rig.

Favorite lake or river: I like Clear Lake probably because I leaned how to fish tournaments there.

Least favorite lake or river: I can’t say I have least favorite.

Favorite bait: I don’t have a favorite, it all goes back to my versatility.

Favorite fishing knot: Palomar, I use it 95 percent of the time

Started bass fishing at the age of: Caught my first bass at the age of 8.

Started fishing bass tournaments at the age of: At 14 I fished my first tournament and 17 I got a bass boat.

Year turned pro: 1997

Do you get nervous before tournaments: I don’t’ get nervous; I get anxious. The unknown factor drives me nuts.

Largest bass caught to date: 12-pound-even largemouth

Your most memorable bass fishing moment: There are several. Winning B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year and at Toho in 1997 was very emotional.

Your biggest bass fishing influence (person): I once read an article about Rick Clunn being a pro fisherman, so probably him and my dad for taking me fishing at an early age.

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while fishing: There have been many. At a tournament on Lake Wheeler, I came in and found out I had 6 fish in my livewell. That was very embarrassing.

What is the biggest obstacle you face as a professional angler: Being away from my family is very difficult.



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