Angler of the Week: Aaron Martens

By Rachel Dubrovin - May 10, 2018

Major League Fishing Pro Aaron Martens and his mom, Carol
Martens fishing with his mom, Carol

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we decided to catch up with the Major League Fishing Pro who started his career by fishing in tournaments with his mother.

“We were a famous mother and son team,” MLF Pro Aaron Martens said.

Martens says he’s the one who got his mother, Carol, into fishing when he was 13 years old and living in California, a state that’s known for incredible bass fishing.

“I kind of got her hooked on it,” he said.

For about five years, the Martens’ competed in tournaments along the West Coast.

“We won quite a few together, too,” he said. “We were a team to be reckoned with!”

A-Mart says oftentimes he’d fish fast, throwing crankbaits and reaction baits while Carol would throw a worm behind him.

“She’d be dragging a worm behind the boat, and just catch a big one… Like a 7-, 8-pounder, and it’d be our kicker.”

Now, Carol is in her 70s and still fishing regularly in California.

“She’ll still go fishing two days a week. Either saltwater or lake fishing. She still tows the boat to the lake herself,” Aaron explained.

Major League Fishing Pro Aaron Martens and his mom, Carol

That makes picking out a Mother’s Day gift easy for Martens.

“Most likely, it’ll be fishing lures,” he laughed. “Believe me, that’s what she wants. It may sound funny, but she’s a true fisherman.”

When it comes to picking out something for his wife, Lesley, Martens is still working on finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

“I've been thinking about it, but I’m not sure yet,” he said.

Martens and his family live near Birmingham, Ala. Aaron and Lesley have a 14-year-old daughter, Jordan, and an 11-year-old son, Spencer.

Spencer and Aaron had a day off together this week. Martens says they played badminton and took a trip to Bass Pro Shops in preparation for the next Bass Elite tournament on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas.

“I spent some money,” he admitted. “Almost $300, like I usually do. I can’t get out of there without spending at least like 250-300 bucks.”

Martens’ season is off to a solid start, and he’s in sixth for the year in the Bassmaster standings. Right now he’s also the highest ranked MLF Cup Angler. He says he’s looking forward to fishing the two MLF Cup tournaments this year.

“I wish there was more of them,” he said.

Martens says his goal is to win an MLF Cup. He finished third in the 2017 Summit Cup and Challenge Cup, but he has yet to bring home an MLF trophy.

“I’m still trying to figure it out. We’ll figure it out,” he said.

The 2018 Challenge Cup could be Marten’s first MLF win. Find out how he does in the Elimination Round on Saturday, May 12 from 2-4pm ET on Outdoor Channel.

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