Angler of the Week: Jason Lambert

By Rachel Dubrovin - May 24, 2018

Right now, the MLF Select anglers are shooting the 2019 Summit Select, which means it’s our first time to hang out with the newest MLF anglers in person. That includes the angler everyone’s talking about this week: Jason Lambert.

Not only did the Tennessee pro win the 2018 FLW Tour event on Kentucky Lake, he set multiple records in the process.

“Great place for me,” Lambert said. “That’s actually three years in a row that I’ve won there. I won the Tour event in ‘16, the Costa Series event in ‘17 and the Tour Series event this week. But I think this one might be the most special. There was a couple things that happened there this week that will go into the record books.”

Lambert joined the “Century Club” when he caught 101 pounds, 9 ounces during the 4-day competition. That’s the heaviest weight ever caught at an FLW Tour event at Kentucky Lake. Lambert also left his competitors in the dust, winning with a 28-pound margin. That’s another record. Read more about that record-breaking win here.

“It’s always great to win $100,000 but a hundred grand is a bonus this week, to history. Because it’s always going to be in the history books,” Lambert said with a smile.

“A hundred grand is a bonus this week, to history.”

Lambert was competing close to home. He grew up in Tennessee, where he perfected the art of ledge fishing.

“I grew up down on Pickwick Lake, been fishing ledges offshore my whole entire life. This week setup kind of good for me because there was a lot of fish that were transitioning out, coming off the spawn, moving from shallow to deep. And that’s kind of my strength, is finding those fish.”

Lambert’s wife, Ashley, owns her own salon in their hometown, Michie, Tenn.

“We got 19 acres out in the country and we hear crickets and frogs at night,” Lambert said. “It’s pretty nice.”

Lambert says he worked in the sales industry for 11 years before he decided to become a pro angler.

“It’s just like any other job you do. There’s great days, and there’s not so great days,” he said. “Last week was a great week. So we’re going to try and make this one a good one, too.”

Lambert didn’t have time to stop home and celebrate his FLW victory. He packed up his truck and headed straight to his first MLF tournament in southern Oklahoma, a 12-hour drive.

He says he’s excited to compete in his first MLF tournament. However, Lambert is no stranger to being on camera. He has his own show called ‘Bass Dr.’ and he works closely with one of MLF’s founders, Boyd Duckett.

“We do a lot of camera work together, film two or three shows every year together. Lot of fun. He’s a great fisherman. Great business guy. But what people don’t know about Boyd: He’s a better dude than he is all those above,” Lambert said.

You’ll find out how Lambert does in the 2019 Summit Select in January.

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