Angler of the Week: Keith Poche

By Rachel Dubrovin - May 3, 2018

This week we caught up with one of Major League Fishing’s newest Cup anglers, Keith Poche. He earned his spot in the Cups during the Sudden Death Round of the 2018 Challenge Select by making himself uncatchable in the 2018 Select point rankings. Poche says he’s “had some lucky breaks” that helped him work his way up through the points.

Now Poche is looking forward to competing in the 2019 Summit Cup and Challenge Cup, which we’ll shoot later this year.

If you’re not familiar with MLF’s rankings, remember that MLF Select Anglers are ranked on a cumulative points system that is set up on two-year cycles. The two MLF Select anglers finishing in 1st and 2nd positions on the cumulative points ranking at the end of the two-year cycle advance and become Cup anglers. You will find out which Select Angler will join Poche in the MLF Cups after the 2018 Challenge Select Championship airs on May 5.

Poche says it’s an achievement he’s been working towards for years.

“I’m ready to be a part of that group and continue on and do well,” he explained.

We chatted with Poche while he was practicing for the Bassmaster Elite event at Kentucky Lake in Paris, Tenn. He says the water is high and the fish are moving, so conditions have not been favorable during his practice days.

“You just go into it and do the best you can and hope that it all works out,” he says.

“I'm just an average guy that likes to fish.”

Poche is about six hours from his home in Pike Road, Ala., where he lives with his wife, Brandy, and two daughters, 8-year-old Isabella, and 3-year-old Ava. He says Brandy takes care of the kids while he’s on the road competing in tournaments.

Regardless of his success as a pro angler, Poche insists he’s “just an average guy that likes to fish.”

However, Poche was recently recognized as a hero by the Houston Police Department. That’s because when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas last August, Poche jumped in his truck and drove to Houston to help victims of the flood. Poche explained that he was headed home after having a terrible second half of the season when he heard about the devastation that Harvey left behind.

“I felt pretty bad for those folks because I know what it’s like. My family’s been through the same stuff. So I decided to go and to do what I could to help,” he said. “I got home that Sunday evening, left the next day, Monday morning, and got over there Tuesday morning with an aluminum boat.”

Poche says he was pulling people and their pets out of the water and rescuing them from their flooded homes.

“The was water up to the top of people’s doorways,” he explained.

Poche says he was working hand-in-hand with a police officer to help as many people as possible.

“I had to save some police officers from another boat. Their boat actually flipped and sunk so it was a pretty crazy deal.”

In February, Poche received the Houston Police Department’s Humanitarian Service Award.

“I mean a lot of people should get an award and I feel bad doing it because so many people that didn’t get recognized had an opportunity and lended a hand. But hey, I’m very thankful… I was surprised to get that award,” Poche said.

Major League Fishing Pro Keith Poche
Poche helping flood victims in Texas, receiving an award from the Houston Police Department

Poche has won over many of the MLF fans. Whether he’s getting a treble hook pulled out of his hand or retrieving a rod that he dropped, videos of Poche are some of the most liked and shared posts on MLF’s social media pages.

“Something about MLF just brings something out in me,” he explained. “I love it. It’s fun to me. I guess people relate to that.”

You’ll find out how Poche performs in his final MLF Select competition, the 2018 Challenge Select Championship, on Saturday, May 5 on Outdoor Channel from 2-4pm ET.

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