Angler of the Week: Randy Howell

By Rachel Dubrovin - April 20, 2018

Cell service was spotty while Major League Fishing Pro Randy Howell was rolling through the Ozark Mountains, but we managed to catch up with him before he made it to Big Cedar Lodge in southwest Missouri for the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf Pro-Am Tournament.

Randy, his wife Robin, and their two sons, Laker and Oakley, live much of their lives on the road. Right now, they’re on a three-week trip away from their northern Alabama home.

“We’re right in the heat of the season right now,” Howell said.

After a few days of fishing on Table Rock Lake, the Howells will go straight from Missouri to Grove, Oklahoma for the Bassmaster Elite Tournament on Grand Lake. Howell is looking forward to that competition.

“I’ve done well on Grand Lake a few times over the years and I really like it there. I’m excited about getting back there since we had the Classic there in the past,” he explained.

Laker Howell
Laker Howell

Finally, the Howells will travel to Paris, Tennessee for a tournament on Kentucky Lake. When they make their way back home, Randy says they’ll be attending his 16-year-old son’s high school bass fishing tournament. He says his son, Laker, is fishing in the Alabama State Championship with the Guntersville High School team. Howell is his boat captain.

When there are two anglers competing in tournaments in the family, there isn’t much room for downtime. Howell says Robin manages the schedule and is great at squeezing everything in.

Robin Howell
Robin Howell

“She keeps everything straight and keeps it organized, and we work hard to do our best to make everybody happy,” Howell said.

While the family travels from tournament to tournament, Robin also homeschools Laker and Oakley. Laker is a high school junior, and Oakley is in the sixth grade. 

“It keeps us all together,” Howell said, “It’s pretty hectic and kind of crazy. You never know what’s going to happen one week to the next, sometimes, but at least we all get to do it together so it’s fun.”

Howell says he’s looking forward to seeing his oldest compete in the Bassmaster High School Series National Championship in August.

“It’s kind of neat being a part of that, kind of watching the future of fishing and watching the excitement that’s in the high school anglers,” he said.

As the 2014 Bassmaster Champion, Howell says many of the young anglers flock to him for advice. He says the most important thing he tells young people who are interested in going pro is to get a degree.  

“They’ve got a really good roadmap for success,” Howell explained, “Now you can get on one of these high school teams, and actually work hard and stand out and get a scholarship to go fish for college.”

Howell says these days, the sponsors are looking for young anglers with a college education.

“Everybody looks really serious on that now because there is so much competition coming through those ranks,” he explained.

In addition to that, Howell says it’s important to have a “teachable spirit”.

“I just tell everybody to put as much time as possible on the water as they can, fish with as many people as you can, learn something from everybody, and stay open-minded.”  

Oakley Howell
Oakley Howell

Right now Laker is getting ready to pick a college. When he goes off to school, Oakley will start competing in high school tournaments, which means the Howell’s schedule will continue to be packed for years to come. But that’s how they prefer it.

“We’ve done it for 25 years now, so it’s all we’ve done, it’s in our blood and we’re kind of used to it. And you kind of get antsy if you’re not on the road after you stay home for a little while,” Howell said.

Howell says he’s looking forward to competing in the MLF Selects this season, and he’s excited about the feedback he’s getting from fans.

“Everywhere I go, working shows at Bass Pro Shops, and working seminars everywhere, that’s the main topic of conversation everywhere you go, is Major League Fishing,” he said, “So it’s really cool to watch how fans and people love the show, and that’s what we do it for.”

You’ll see Howell compete on MLF this Saturday in the 2018 Challenge Select Sudden Death Round 1. The show airs on Outdoor Channel from 2-4pm ET on April 21.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest from the Howell family, check out their show on ‘The Catch with Randy and Robin’. The couple produces the show themselves to give fans an inside look at their busy, and sometimes hectic lives.

“Stay tuned for a bunch of good shows from us!” Howell said.


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