Brent Chapman's Pro vs. Joe is in its Third Season

Catch up on Chapman's show while you're waiting for the new season of MLF to premiere in January

By Rachel Dubrovin - August 24, 2018

The 2018 season of Major League Fishing is over and here at the MLF Headquarters we’re missing the new episodes just as much as our fans are. For the next four months, we’ll be watching MLF reruns and eagerly counting down until the 2019 season premieres on Outdoor Channel in January. However, if you’re looking for a new fishing show to check out in the meantime, here’s our recommendation: Brent Chapman’s Pro vs. Joe. The show is in its third season and you can watch the episodes on Chapman’s YouTube channel.

“Three years ago we filmed our first full season of Brent Chapman’s Pro vs. Joe and it was amazing,” Chapman said. “People literally will go online and submit a challenge, ‘Hey come fish against us on our home body of water, our favorite body of water.’ It’s a really neat way for us to fish places that we would have never fished before.”

Chapman says his show is similar to MLF because he shows up to a body of water with limited information, and each episode shows viewers what happened over a single day of fishing.

“Some of the shows have been truly amazing, phenomenal fishing and some of the shows have been, you saw the reality, it was a grind that day,” he explained.

On the other hand, when Chapman is competing in an MLF Cup event, the competition is fierce and stress levels are soaring. That’s not the case when he’s shooting an episode of Pro vs. Joe.

“It’s a competition but it’s a friendly competition. When you’re fishing for the first fish, most fish and biggest fish, it’s a whole different animal.”

For Chapman, one of the most memorable episodes is "Abby’s Big Bass Revenge" because he was challenged by a very talented high school student.

“We had our first girl that we fished with on Pro vs. Joe this year and her name is Abby Keeney,” he explained. “She’s on the local high school fishing team and we filmed a show with her and it was really neat for me to see. You know, I’ve fished with a lot of boys but not a high school-aged girl.”

They competed in the bitter cold and the fishing conditions were tough, but Chapman says he was impressed by Keeney’s passion for fishing and to see how well she performed.

Chapman says he hopes to expand the show’s horizons in the future to include fishing for different species.

“I’m a fisherman. I love to fish. I love to catch whatever swims.”

He says the only thing he’s not interested in trying is noodling.

“I’m not too excited about sticking my hand up in a hole and seeing what’s living in that hole and pulling it out,” he laughed.

If you want to challenge Chapman and you have the perfect lake in mind, submit your idea at Chapman says they’re going to be working on their 2019 schedule this fall.

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