DID YOU KNOW: What makes 'Big Fish Bobby Lane' tick?

Photo: Josh Gassmann
Photo: Josh Gassmann

By Dave Landahl - December 17, 2018

Bobby Lane is known as “Big Fish” Bobby for a reason: He’s a Florida guy who likes to chase after big bass in heavy cover. Of course, Lane is way more versatile than that. He’s been a successful pro since 2005, won the 2017 MLF General Tire World Championship, and has earned over $1.5 million in tournament winnings.

Major League Fishing Pro Bobby Lane
MLF pro Bobby Lane
Photo: Joel Shangle

But other than being known for his prowess at catching big bass, who is Bobby Lane? What type of a person is he? Lane took a little time recently to share a little insight into what makes the Big Fish tick.

MLF: If you had the opportunity to be paid one million dollars per year to fish the Bass Pro Tour, but you can only use light rods and light line, would you accept the offer?

BL: Yes I would. First off, that’s a whole of money. Secondly, through my many years of being a pro angler, I’m comfortable with those light-line techniques, and feel I am pretty good at them. Also, my Abu Garcia equipment provides me with the best light-action gear available to be confident in getting the job done successfully.

MLF: If you could choose between fresh Gulf shrimp or a big Kobe ribeye, which would you choose and where would you dine?

BL: Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I’m from Florida, and we have some beautiful and delicious shrimp there. But I’m going to stick with the great big giant Tomahawk Kobe ribeye. I’m going to go to Texas Cattle Company restaurant in Lakeland, Florida. I was there recently and ate one, and from the first bite to the last it was 100 percent mouth-watering, plus it really fills you up with a lot of protein. Those shrimp are good, but (I’m choosing) steak all the way.

MLF: You’re challenged to get in the ring with a pro wrestler. You’re a big, strong guy, plus, you get some training. Would you do a full 30-minute all-out match for $5 million?

BL: Ooh, that’s a tough one. First off, I know I wouldn’t last 30 minutes in the shape I’m in right now. I do a lot of driving in fishing, I don't get to work out, and there would have to be a clause in the contract stating that I’d need to be able to work out and get in shape. Even though that’s a lot of money, I think I’d have to pass because I know I’d get my ever-loving [butt] kicked. It’s one to think on, though. I know it’s a lot of money, but I’m not so sure I’d be able to walk out of there to spend the $5 million after 30 minutes in the ring.

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