Iaconelli's Fishing Life Comes Full Circle with 'Fish My City' on Nat Geo Wild

By Joel Shangle - October 11, 2018

NEW YORK – Throughout his 26-year professional tournament career, Major League Fishing Pro Mike Iaconelli has built a reputation around “going Ike”, and with the upcoming U.S. premiere of a new international television show on Nat Geo WILD, the excitable New Jersey pro is not only “going Ike”, he’s going global as well.

“Fish My City with Mike Iaconelli” has already debuted to enthusiastic Nat Geo Wild audiences throughout Europe, Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Taiwan, but this week’s U.S. premiere (Friday, 10 p.m. EDT/9 CDT) of Iaconelli’s new show represents a landmark moment in an around-the-globe urban fishing adventure that brings the New Jersey native right back to where he started fishing as a child.

“This show is really a dream come true,” Iaconelli admitted the day before his American premiere. “It’s truly come full circle for me with ‘Fish My City’ because I started fishing in the city. My first fishing experiences – when I was 5, 6, 7 years old – were genuine city fishing in Philadelphia, on the Schuylkill River, the Delaware River, Pennypack Creek. Now, here I am 40 years later, doing it on a global scale.”

“Fish My City” will be a familiar storytelling angle for Iaconelli fans, but with an international flair.

Major League Fishing Pro Mike Iaconelli shooting his new show
MLF Pro Mike Iaconelli on a shoot for his new show.

As was the case with his wildly popular “City Limits Fishing” show (2008-2011), FMC is focused on Iaconelli’s hunt for different species of fish that thrive in metropolitan environments. But where his previous city-fishing missions focused solely on bass, FMC expands Iaconelli’s opportunities to encompass a variety of species ranging from pike to giant snakehead to sailfish, in cities as far-flung as Taipei, London, New Orleans, Miami, New York City and Austin, Texas.

“For me personally, shooting ‘Fish My City’ has revived my love for the sport,” Iaconelli said. “Now that I’m fishing in the city again, searching for new species in new places, I honestly feel young again. A lot of this is totally new to me, so it’s exciting and interesting to try to catch a fish like a giant snakehead. It’s such a cool opportunity to share my love of fishing to a whole new audience of people who maybe haven’t been exposed to the sport.”

That includes native New Yorkers who watch Friday’s “Fish My City” premiere, which takes Iaconelli onto the Hudson River, East River and Jamaica Bay, and puts him head-to-head with bluefish, fluke, and striped bass. More importantly to Ike, it represents a piece of his personal city-fishing history.

“New York City, man, you talk about a great, iconic city that really represents what this show is all about,” Iaconelli said. “NYC is the definition of a ‘concrete jungle’ – there are 3,000 things you think of about New York before you think of fishing, but that city is really important to my personal fishing history. Although I grew up fishing in Philly, I’ve fished New York since I was in high school. It’s a great mix of bank fishing, boat fishing, freshwater, saltwater … a lot of what ‘Fish My City’ is all about.

“Fish My City with Mike Iaconelli” includes six original episodes which premiere Oct. 12, 19 and 26, and Nov. 2 and 9 on Nat Geo Wild. Check your local listings for information on channels and rebroadcasts.

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