James Watson Raises $18K for Shriners Hospital for Children

By Rachel Dubrovin - October 9, 2018

As the fishing season comes to an end, Major League Fishing Pro James Watson has a unique victory to celebrate: A successful fundraiser for the Shriners Hospital for Children.

“Our main objective as Shriners is to help kids,” explained Watson.

Major League Fishing Pro James Watson at Shriners Hospital for Children
MLF Pro James Watson visiting with a child and his
mother at a Shriners Hospital for Children.

At the start of the 2018 fishing season, Watson decided that he would donate $2.50 to the Shriners Hospital for Children for every pound of bass that he caught throughout the season. He also had support from several of his sponsors. Watson says he already sent the organization a donation of $16,414 and he’s getting ready to add $1,700 to that donation.

As a professional angler, Watson says he doesn’t always have time for the typical Shriner activities. However, he believes he has a real opportunity to make a difference as a public figure.

“What I can do is use my platform to help raise awareness and raise money that’s much needed for the Shriners Hospital for Children,” he said.

Watson cares for not only the children in the hospital, but their parents as well.

“If you ever walk into any children's hospital and you visit with the parents first, and you see the pain that they go through,” he explained. “If that doesn't tug on your heart, nothing will.”

Watson says he’s looking forward to starting a new fishing season and a new fundraiser for children in need.

“This next year in 2019, I might do something really crazy,” he said.

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