Justin Lucas: New Dad, New MLF Pro

By Rachel Dubrovin - June 15, 2018

Major League Fishing Pro Justin Lucas and his son
Lucas and his son, Cooper

Some call it “Take Dad Fishing Day,” others simply call it “Father’s Day”. Regardless, this will be Justin Lucas’ first Father’s Day as a parent. The new Major League Fishing pro and his wife, BreeAnna, recently had their first child, Cooper. Now Cooper is about 6 months old.

We caught up with Lucas while shooting the 2019 Summit Select in May. His family of three is traveling the country together, driving from tournament to tournament.

“He went number 2 on me one time, so that was interesting,” Lucas said.

After that incident, they upgraded to a camper with a washer and dryer to make doing the laundry easier. Despite the mishap, Lucas says traveling with a baby is lot more fun than he anticipated.

“He’s cried like a couple times where it actually woke me up and I think it was during practice, it wasn’t like the night before a tournament or anything. But other than that, now he’s sleeping like 10 hours through the night so it’s been great.”

Naturally, he’s looking forward to teaching Cooper how to fish.

“We just bought his first life jacket,” he said. “So hopefully he can at least get on the boat soon. I’ve been waiting for that.”

Lucas grew up in northern California with a large family, two biological brothers and six adopted siblings.

“My mom was adopted, and so she always just kind of felt like she needed to give back and it’s really cool,” he explained.

Growing up, Lucas was fishing places like the California Delta, Folsom Lake, and Clear Lake. Now he lives in Alabama, a place he considers to be the “Mecca of bass fishing”.

“I moved to Alabama because the Tennessee River is a historic bass fishing area and I needed to learn how to fish on ledge systems, river systems, like the Tennessee River. And so, moved there when I was 23. I didn’t know I was in for the long haul. Didn’t know how it’d work out. Just kind of packed up the car and left, and never went back.”

Lucas joined the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2014, and this is his first year competing in the MLF Selects. He says he enjoyed watching the show even before he agreed to join the Selects.

“It caught my attention for sure,” he said, “Just a really unique format.”

It sounds like Lucas has what it takes to be successful at the MLF format. He says he loves fishing, loves being on the water, and especially loves to compete.

“It doesn’t matter if we’re playing bags, or throwing darts, or just ping pong. Whatever stupid game we’re playing, I’m a really competitive guy and I think this format really brings out that competitiveness to the highest level out of each guys,” he explained, “Probably takes a few years off your life, stress-wise and stuff. But I’m up for it.”

Lucas just finished competing in his first MLF event in southern Oklahoma, and he’ll fish another Select tournament in July. However, you’ll have to wait until the new season of MLF airs in 2019 to find out how he does in those events.

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