Keith Poche's Fishing Bucket List: 'The Middle of Nowhere'

By Joel Shangle - January 28, 2018

A quick survey of the 24 Summit Select anglers revealed a diverse “bucket list” of fisheries that that pros would like to fish before they die.

For Russ Lane and Scott Ashmore, it’s spotted bass in Bullards Bar Reservoir in Northern California. For Pete Ponds, it’s the Columbia River in Oregon.

But one in particular – Louisiana native Keith Poche – seems to prefer remoteness and exploration as much as he does catching fish.

“Man, I would love to go to Canada to fish – some of those lakes that are way, way out, where you have to take a plane to get there and you just stay out there and camp,” Poche says. “I’ve heard that those lakes are just full of fish that never see a bait in their lives.”

Poche’s penchant for wide open spaces started shortly after high school, when he worked summer jobs on the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We’d fish off the rigs and catch these giant fish,” Poche says. “The water was absolutely beautiful and awesome, and we were out in the middle of nowhere, in a place that most people don’t ever get to see.”

Poche’s secondary bucket-list choice: Lake Mead in Nevada.

“They don’t have a bunch of major bass events there because it’s in the middle of nowhere, out in the desert,” Poche says. “I’ve heard and read a lot about that lake, and I’d love to experience it and see what it’s all about. That’s the stuff I like the best, when there’s nothing else around.”

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