WATSON: Trump Loves Major League Fishing

By Rachel Dubrovin - September 27, 2018

Thousands of people flocked to the Missouri State University campus last Friday to see President Donald Trump speak at JQH Arena. Major League Fishing Pro James Watson was in the crowd.

“It was a tremendous experience,” he said.

Watson, who lives south of Springfield, says he got the VIP experience at the rally. Even though he did not get to meet President Trump in person, Watson is very confident that the President is a fan of Major League Fishing.

Major League Fishing Pro James Watson at a President Trump Rally

“Actually he pointed me out. You can see it as plain as day in the picture… He’s obviously a big fan of mine,” Watson laughed.

Watson says he’s “100 percent convinced” that Trump has watched MLF, especially the episodes that feature Watson.

“I was strategically placed behind the left shoulder of the President. Mostly so I could show off my ‘Worldwide’ hat and my ‘Hooked on Trump’ t-shirt,” he explained.

Watson says seeing the President in person and hearing him speak about issues that are important to him was an experience he won’t soon forget.

At press time, MLF was not able to reach anyone at the White House who could verify that the President is a fan of Watson or MLF. However, Watson believes he and President Trump have a lot in common.

“We’re no-nonsense guys and we believe in speaking our minds, saying it how it is and taking care of business,” Watson said.

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