Major League Fishing and Wiley X Partner in Safety

MLF adds precautions to protect anglers and personnel at events

March 1, 2017

TULSA, Okla. (March 1, 2017) – Major League Fishing announces the implementation of new safety measures, including issuing Wiley X eye gear, to its already robust safety processes to further protect anglers, officials and staff during its on-the-water competitions.

MLF experienced a medical emergency last year involving an eye injury to a camera operator that required prompt attention by an on-site medic. Upon evaluating the incident, MLF has initiated heightened safety practices that are already in place for 2017, including the mandate for eye protection, staff training in medical emergencies and new medical preparedness at events.

All MLF in-boat competition crew and camera operators are now required to wear a provided pair of Wiley-X protective eye gear at all times during events. Wiley X’s shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses comply with ballistic and other high velocity, high mass impact standards, as well as meet federal OSHA standards.

Wiley X is providing MLF with the protective eyewear for the 2017 season. MLF will issue the products at each event in accordance with the league’s new safety rules.

“After researching protective eye gear, Wiley X was the obvious choice for our requirements because of their lense technology and the fact they also understand the competitive fishing environment,” said Don Rucks, MLF commissioner. “Wiley X is the right partner to help with MLF safety, and we hope what we’re doing will also serve to remind anglers of all kinds to keep safety top of mind for everyone in their boats.”

MLF’s 2017 competition crew, camera operators and other key event staff have already received medical training and now hold a national certification in emergency first aid and CPR, a new MLF requirement. The league has also purchased a portable defibrillator that goes to each event.

Additionally, the Professional Bass Tour Angler Association, with whom a membership is required for MLF eligibility, has recently initiated a requirement that their professional-angler members carry a $1 million general liability insurance policy.

“Who better than us to champion our livelihoods as professional anglers,” said MLF angler Boyd Duckett. “Competitive fishing is a business and because of that everything we do, individually and as a group, should be structured and managed just like it is within any corporation in any industry. Safety plans and liability insurance policies are certainly common requirements in the business world and make sense for professional fishing, too.”

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