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With a total of eight lakes all within a 20-square-mile area, the Harris Chain is tailor-made for quickly and easily changing lakes on a daily basis. The small, compact lakes are easy to navigate, provide plenty of elbowroom for 10 competitors and historically house some pretty good fishing.

Out of the lakes, MLF decided to hold its competition on the three biggest bodies of water: Lake Harris, which is comprised of Big Lake Harris (15,000 acres) and Little Lake Harris (3,300 acres), Lake Eustis (7,800 acres) and Lake Griffin (9,300 acres). Lake Harris (both Big and Little) will be the site of the Elimination Rounds the first three days. Then the Sudden Death Rounds will move on to Lake Eustis for two days and the Championship finale will be held on Griffin.

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TOP 10 Biggest Bass on Lake Harris

Shaw Grigsby

Bait Cat:SoftLong:-81.75184
Bait:Creature/Craw baitWeight:7 lb 09 oz
Cover:Vegetation, matted on surfaceDepth:0
Area:Secondary PointsTime:10/12/2015 1:01:12 PM

Boyd Duckett

Bait Cat:SoftLong:-81.773658
Bait:Creature/Craw baitWeight:7 lb 05 oz
Cover:Docks Depth:0
Area:Main Lake: ShorelineTime:10/13/2015 10:58:01 AM

Edwin Evers

Bait Cat:SoftLong:-81.869964
Bait:Creature/Craw baitWeight:5 lb 04 oz
Area:OffshoreTime:10/13/2015 1:49:29 PM

Gary Klein

Bait Cat:HardLong:-81.880201
Bait:CrankbaitWeight:5 lb 02 oz
Cover:Open WaterDepth:5
Area:Bay/pocket/coveTime:10/12/2015 3:37:06 PM

Dean Rojas

Bait Cat:SurfaceLong:-81.764491
Bait:Popper/ChuggerWeight:4 lb 03 oz
Cover:Docks Depth:0
Area:Main Lake: ShorelineTime:10/12/2015 2:05:08 PM

Greg Hackney

Bait Cat:SoftLong:-81.769789
Bait:Worm FinesseWeight:4 lb 01 oz
Cover:Docks Depth:0
Area:Main Lake: ShorelineTime:10/14/2015 3:23:04 PM

Tommy Biffle

Bait Cat:SoftLong:-81.841946
Bait:GrubWeight:3 lb 13 oz
Cover:Docks Depth:0
Area:Main Lake: ShorelineTime:10/12/2015 3:46:09 PM

Mark Rose

Bait Cat:SurfaceLong:-81.880555
Bait:Prop baitWeight:3 lb 10 oz
Cover:Docks Depth:0
Area:Bay/pocket/coveTime:10/13/2015 12:51:50 PM

Andy Montgomery

Bait Cat:SoftLong:-81.875797
Bait:Worm, traditionaltail 6-10 InchWeight:3 lb 09 oz
Cover:Docks Depth:5
Area:Main Lake: ShorelineTime:10/14/2015 3:00:50 PM

Takahiro Omori

Bait Cat:SoftLong:-81.87129
Bait:Senko-style stick baitWeight:3 lb 07 oz
Area:Creek: MouthTime:10/14/2015 3:50:21 PM