• MLF Wraps Up Filming Sixth Cup Event

    Published: September 3, 2014

    Jack Link’s Major League Fishing this past weekend concluded the filming its General Tire Summit Cup event, a six-day competition that took place on four lakes in the Waterville, Maine, region. Read More

  • MLF Anglers Dominate B.A.S.S. AOY Race

    Published: August 17, 2014

    As the B.A.S.S. Elite Series season heads into its final regular-season event, Major League Fishing anglers dominate the top of the AOY standings. Greg Hackney, of Gonzalez, Louisiana, leads the pack with 564 points. Read More

  • KVD Reflects on Epic Performance

    Published: August 9, 2014

    It was a virtuoso performance. It being the on-the-water smallmouth bass catching beat-down that Kevin VanDam threw out in August 2013 on Grand Lake as the Jack Link's Major League Fishing 2014 General Tire Summit Cup wound down in Alpena, Mich. Read More

  • Select Pro Poche Off the Market

    Published: August 6, 2014

    Think you've got an interesting to-do list this summer? Then consider the one that new Major League Fishing GEICO Select pro Keith Poche is in the process of completing. Read More

  • Keeping the Biffle Family in Our Thoughts

    Published: August 2, 2014

    Sharon, the wife of MLF and B.A.S.S. angler Tommy Biffle, recently had quadruple bypass open heart surgery. Her situation remains critical but is showing some signs of improvement. Read More

  • Duckett Wins 'Best Freshwater Rod' Award

    Published: July 21, 2014

    Boyd Duckett came into ICAST believing that his company’s biggest splash would be from the reels that have been in development for a couple of years. But it was his fishing rods that impressed voters the most. Read More

  • Bryan Spotted Bass Official World Record

    Published: July 20,2014

    Keith Bryan has officially received notice from the IGFA that his 10.48-pound spotted bass from New Melones Reservoir has been declared the new All-Tackle World Record. Read More

  • ICAST 2014 Doesn't Disappoint

    Published: July 20, 2014

    From every corner of the globe, 11,000 exhibitors, buyers and media converged on the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) last week for the world’s largest recreational fishing trade show. Read More

  • Lucky Craft Lure Color Got MLF Boost

    Published: July 17, 2014

    Stopping by the Lucky Craft booth on Day One of the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, it was hard to miss the signage promoting a new color scheme from the mind of MLF pro Kelly Jordon. Read More

  • Scanlon's Attack for the Rise and the Fall

    Published: July 6, 2014

    Recent rising and falling water across much of the nation has led to some less than ideal fishing situations on many lakes and reservoirs. Major League Fishing Select pro Casey Scanlon offers some advice. Read More

  • KVD Offers Fishing Tips for the Summer

    Published: July 3, 2014

    For some anglers, the thought of getting out on the water and going fishing on summer weekends is … well, it’s an idea rooted in insanity. Meaning that for most anglers, the opportunity to find some peace, solitude and good bass fishing is all but lost. Read More

  • On-the-Water Safety Tips for Summer

    Published: July 1, 2014

    Since this year's Fourth of July celebration falls on a Friday, the opportunity exists for an extra long weekend of holiday fun out on America's H2O. This means the opportunity for boating mishaps will go up exponentially all across the nation on numerous crowded waterways. Read More

  • Early Summer Offers Good Shallow Bassin'

    Published: June 30, 2014

    Ask most southern bass anglers about the year's easiest shallow water bass fishing opportunities and they'll most often tell you to fish the spawn. And for good reason as anyone who has ever ventured out onto a bona fide bucketmouth factory can attest. Read More

  • MLF Concludes Filming of Second Select Event

    Published: June 23, 2014

    Major League Fishing has completed the filming of its second GEICO Select event, a six-day tournament that featured lakes in three distinct sections of Arkansas. Read More

  • GEICO Selects Filming in Arkansas

    Published: June 19, 2014

    Major League Fishing, which is this week filming its second GEICO Select event, is tossing its anglers what amounts to a diet of Major League Baseball curveballs. During a scheduled six-day competition based in Benton, anglers have found themselves fishing in the Eastern Arkansas delta and the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. Read More

  • GEICO Selects: Intense!

    Published: June 11, 2014

    In his own words, GEICO Select angler Michael Simonton describes what he experienced – in full detail – at the Bass Pro Shops Summit Select May 19-24. Read More

  • Spawning Love of Fishing in Youth

    Published: June 8, 2014

    Several years ago, Carolyn Estes faced a dilemma. A worker with the Oologah Lake Leader newspaper in Oklahoma, Estes wanted to keep a fishing derby alive for local youngsters, an event that her friend had created before health issues sidelined her. Read More

  • Knowing the Score

    Published: June 5, 2014

    Most sports allow the competitors to see where they stand, providing the score and the time remaining, giving them a sense of what they need to do to win. Until recently, bass anglers were only confident in when they had to check in. Read More

  • Tough Health News in the World of Pro Anglers

    Published: May 4, 2014

    This spring has been a tough run in the world of pro bass angling. The wife of one pro passed away after a battle with cancer; one legendary angler passed away from surgical complications; an Outdoor Channel show co-host was diagnosed with cancer; and two of the best all-time pros suffered from heart attacks. Read More

  • Teach 'Em to Fish

    Published: June 2, 2014

    Years ago, while eavesdropping on my then 12-year old daughter’s conversation with her friends, I caught her bragging about a four-pound channel catfish she caught in a fishing derby. Read More