Major League Fishing and Sqwincher Sign New 3-Year Partnership

Major League Fishing Pro Takahiro Omori takes advantage of a break in competition to hydrate with a Sqwincher.
Major League Fishing Pro Takahiro Omori takes advantage of a break in competition to hydrate with a Sqwincher.

June 12, 2018

TULSA, Okla. - Electrolyte beverage manufacturer Sqwincher Corporation has renewed its affiliation with Major League Fishing (MLF), inking a new 3-year sponsorship agreement with the popular TV fishing show that continues to soar in ratings.

"Our anglers truly appreciate Sqwincher's involvement with MLF because proper hydration contributes to their performance during long hours outdoors," said MLF General Manager Jim Wilburn. "Aside from their great products, Sqwincher has been a wonderful partner and right alongside us every step of the way in supporting our new initiatives that continue to grow MLF's ratings and programming."

Sqwincher is the hosting sponsor of the MLF angler press conferences, an important part of every episode because they showcase the pressure on the pros to perform and the rollercoaster ride of emotions they experience.

Major League Fishing Pro Skeet Reese
Major League Fishing Pro Skeet Reese at a post-
competition press conference, sponsored by Sqwincher

"Major League Fishing is right on target for our professional grade hydration products as anglers constantly face factors that drain the body of critical fluids for top-of-game health and performance," explained Sqwincher's Jimmy Kent, director of sales and marketing. "Heat, cold, wind and more can lead to dehydration, and these concerns are magnified when participants preoccupied with competition are often unintentionally ignoring fluid replenishment. MLF's popularity gives us an effective platform to educate and promote."

Major League Fishing is in its 7th season and has been the No. 1 series on Outdoor Channel in Q1 for three years in a row, according to ratings recently released by parent company Outdoor Sportsman Group.

MLF Commissioner Don Rucks credits the show's popularity from its being designed for television from the start.

"In MLF events, success depends on catching numbers of bass, not just the typical 'five,' so even our pros have had to revise their strategies from usual tournament tactics to thrive here. And since the TV audience gets to see and hear exactly what our guys are doing and why, each viewer has a chance to improve upon his or her own bass fishing skills at the same time," Rucks said.

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About Major League Fishing
Developed through a joint effort between Outdoor Channel and two-dozen premier bass fishing anglers in 2011, Major League Fishing brings the high-intensity sport of competitive bass fishing into America's living rooms in the form of riveting two-hour TV episodes. 24 world-class anglers are filmed over the course of a six-day event. The show captures their efforts as they utilize a demanding format that allows them to weigh all the "scorable bass" they catch. Unlike other competitive fishing events, live leaderboards in the boats allow anglers to know their standings at all times. For more information about the game, visit and follow Major League Fishing on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

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